Buying A Mouse

When buying a pet mouse, it s best to buy one from a private, reputable breeder. However this is not always possible and you may need to purchase one from a pet shop. If you do purchase a mouse from a pet shop, it is important to know that although there are some reputable breeders, many of these shops buy them from a mass-producing breeding farm, where the breeders aim for quantity, rather than quality.

No information about these mice is usually available and they have rarely been handled, meaning they may be unpredictable in terms of behaviour. 

If you are buying more than one mouse, it is essential to remember that male and female rats cannot be housed in the same cage, as they easily and frequently breed. Males can be kept together if they are introduced at a young age. Female fancy mice are favoured over the males as they produce a weaker odour and are cleaner.

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