Breeding Dogs

Elms Pets recommends doing research to find out if you are ready for the responsibility of breeding dogs. Parentage is an important issue. Ensuring the sire and dam are the desired breeds (pedigree or non-pedigree), have good temperaments and good health are all factors to be considered. If you are unsure about any of these things, veterinaries are able to offer support, advice and testing.

The average dog litter is between 3 and 8 puppies, however, having only one or even up to 20 is not uncommon. Having plans for the puppies before they are born ensures you are fully prepared for what work needs to be done when they arrive. 

It is recommended that when breeding dogs, same breed dogs be used. This enables the puppies to be Kennel Club registered. In order to register the puppies, both the sire and dam must have been previously registered, and be in ownership of the breeder. By registering with the Kennel Club, you will:

  • Give confidence to the prospective purchaser.
  • Be eligible to purchase a ‘Kennel Club Pedigree Certificate’.
  • Advertise any registered puppies on the Kennel Club Website.
  • Breeding recorded in the ‘Kennel Club Breed Record Supplement’.
  • Receive an official registration document for each puppy.
  • Give the new owners access to a wealth of information and advice through the Kennel Club.

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