Showing Dogs

Dog showing is becoming a more popular pastime for dog owners. Dog shows are an ideal way to meet fellow dog owners, breeders and like-minded people.

There are two types of show: championship and open. For a dog to take part in a championship dog show, they must be kennel club registered. Breeds are judged on their breed standard and the winning dog is the one, which is closest to this ideal. In a championship show, pedigree dogs are awarded with Challenge Certificates. If three challenge certificates are won, the dog is made a champion and will have this embedded in their show name.

For a dog to qualify to enter at ‘Crufts’ they must have won a Challenge certificate in the year leading up to the competition. If your dog is lucky enough to be a champion, they have qualified for life and no longer need to win to enter this prestigious competition. An open show is a more fun, light-hearted event, which caters for non-pedigree as well as pedigree dogs, although these competitions do not offer Challenge Certificates as a reward.

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