Buying A Dog

Choosing A Dog

To narrow down your search, the first step when choosing the breed of dog is to decide if you want a pedigree or non-pedigree breed. A pedigree is one that has a sire and dam of the same breed. The dog will have a breed standard (a description) of what the dog should look and behave like.

A non-pedigree means that the sire and dam can be from different breeds. There will not be a breed standard for these types of dog, which means no guidelines can be given on what the dog will grow up to behave or look like.

With such a large variety of dog, it is important to research the characteristics of each breed. Matching the characteristics with your lifestyle means you are more likely to build a strong, loving relationship with your new pet.

Where To Buy Your Puppy

To ensure you purchase a healthy puppy, it is important you find a reputable breeder. It is not advised to bought ‘on the cheap’ as this will lead to higher cost in illnesses and veterinary fees as your puppy grows into a dog. The Kennel Club offers a ‘Reputable Breeder Scheme’ where you can find information of accredited breeders throughout the country. Elms Pets recommends this approach.

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