Caring For Rabbits

Rabbits can be housed indoors or outdoors. Indoor rabbits are easily litter trained and so do make good house pets. Where the rabbits will be kept will determine the type of cage or hutch needed. Outdoor cages need to be secure to prevent fox attacks etc, and to give reasonable room for exercise. 

As rabbits are herbivores, they can eat vegetables from the kitchen. However, a nutrient filled rabbit food is widely available from pet shops and large supermarket chains. It is important to have your pet rabbit vaccinated annually to prevent diseases. The main injections needed prevent Viral Heamorrhagic Disease and Myxomatosis, both of which will potentially result in the death of your rabbit. 

Female rabbits are also prone to developing uterine cancer, which then spreads to other vital organs. This can easily be prevented by having the rabbit spayed.

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