Caring For Horses

Before bringing your horse home, you will need to find somewhere to keep your horse. Depending on the breed and history of the horse you have purchased, they may need stabling or may be able to live out in the field.

Finding somewhere for you horse to reside may seem a large expense, but ensuring your horse is safe and cared for wherever they are, will provide reassurances for you when you are not there.

You will also need some equipment for your horse. Rugs are vital for any horse. Rugs keep your horse warm and dry in any weather conditions. It is important that the rugs are fitted correctly, as rugs can rub and create sores on the horse’s withers. There are also rugs available to help you horse control sweating after exercise. These are essential to stop your new pet catching colds and other illnesses, which can be costly with the veterinarian. 

There are many, many different types of horse food available. When choosing the correct food for your horse, it is always best to ask the previous owner, as they will have worked out which foods best suit them.

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