Cold Water Fish

Cold water fish are so called as they live in cold water and require no specialist tank with heating equipment. Only coldwater fish can be kept in a cold water tank, the most common being goldfish.

Setting Up Your Fish Tank

To begin your first fish tank you will need: 

  • A fish tank
  • Filter
  • Air pump
  • Gravel
  • Plants (real or fake, however, fish will slowly eat real ones)
  • D├ęcor (rocks, wood, bridges etc)
  • Net
  • Algae scrapper
  • Water conditioner
  • Fish Food (available from all pet shops, supermarkets and garden centers)

Maintenance Routine

On a daily basis, you will need to feed the fish between two and three times, check the filter is working correctly and look over you fish to ensure they are all healthy. Approximately every two weeks, you will need to perform a partial water change. This will dilute the soiled water and ensure your fish stay healthy. Every two months you will also need to clean all of the filters and have a complete water change. Never use any soap or disinfectants when cleaning the tank as this will harm your fish.

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